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Why opt for Wool Rugs?

When one starts searching for rugs for placing at home, it is found that there are a variety of choices to be availed. 1 popular choice is opting for wool rugs. It is a belief of some people that now the wool rugs have become old fashioned and that the new ones that have come in the market are better. However, this isn’t true at all. There are several reasons why people must consider buying rugs made from wool.
Wool rugs are those that are in use since years now and now, there is a reason as to why this kind of flooring is used by people who like enjoying quality products. Wool is quite a durable fibre on this planet. It helps in holding dye and repelling water. There are many unique properties of wool due to which it has become highly sought after and popular. The fact of it being dense is a great thing and due to which washing and cleaning these is very easy. If one purchases a rug that is made up of wool and if it is put on a sandy surface, it would be filled with sand. However, when it is piled and shaken out, one would find quickly that major part of the sand would come off quickly and very little cleaning would be required by the rug. Owing to this fact, Theses are very much heavy as compared to modern rivals. The wooden floor is suited better as they don’t slide much.
Woollen have been in use since a long time now because they are simply the best. Wool Rugs have been made by Persian rug makers since the time they came to know that wool superb for rug making. These rugs were used on floors of nomadic tents not only because they were quite comfortable to have, but also because they had a good durability. People living in nomadic tents didn’t have the luxury or time for constantly replacing the items. They wanted to have furniture that would stand for long and this was found in rugs. These rugs are not only long lasting but can be cleaned very easily. Another reason for opting for woollen rugs is their ability of absorbing humidity. This means that they make the rooms quite comfortable and cooler.
A great thing about the manufacturers these days is that rugs are made from various materials and wool and other man-made fibres are used together for making extraordinary designs. They can also make rugs look anyway one wants them to look right from traditional to contemporary and everything in middle. This means that one can now obtain rugs that are made from wool in different colours and patterns for suiting the taste of everyone. Wool Rugs are not only long lasting but are very beautiful as well.

Product name: XH0010-4 PRAGUE-Coarse wool blanket 100% Wool 140 * 180 +10*5

product description:
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Description:Coarse Wool Blanket
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Composition:100% Wool 
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