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So many benefits of sleeping wool pillow

This wool pillow is imported from Australia. It is only selected from the back wool of Tasmanian Downs sheep. The length is 3 inches and the diameter is 28-33 microns. This kind of wool will be highly curly and supportive.

Wrong choice of pillows, the more you sleep, the more tired you get
Too soft, insufficient elasticity, difficult to support the head and neck, prone to muscle fatigue
Too hard will increase the pressure between the head and neck and the pillow, causing discomfort
The wool pillow is moderately soft and firm, elastic, wraps the head and neck very well, has support and does not collapse
Wool is dry and breathable, not easy to breed bacteria, naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, more suitable for allergic cough or asthma patients
Warm but not stuffy, you can feel cool in summer and warm in winter, increase the time of deep sleep by more than 30%, and keep your heart rate stable
The oil content is low, and 24 carbonization treatments will eliminate the taste
The fabric of the wool pillow is selected from Australian cotton, a skin-friendly fabric for mothers and babies
Moreover, wool fiber is a healthy and environmentally friendly fiber. People have used it as a thermal fiber for more than 3,000 years.
When buying a wool pillow, you must choose 100% wool, and you must choose a complete certificate of qualification.

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