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How to choose Wool Activewear Fabric

Merino wool is a great choice for activewear fabrics because of its unique thermal properties. This natural material is warm and breathable in all seasons, and it also has the ability to repel moisture and odours. This makes it a great alternative to synthetic fabrics for activewear.
Merino wool is made of fibers that are super-fine. Each fiber is only about 1/3 the diameter of a human hair. This means the fabric won't itch and isn't prickly like other types of wool. The fiber is also natural, so it will not pollute the environment in any way. The fibers will naturally decompose in the earth after twelve months. Merino wool is also anti-microbial, so it's ideal for sports and activewear.
Merino wool is anti-odor and has a great breathability, meaning you can wear the same shirt multiple times without washing it. While some people don't believe in merino wool's anti-odor abilities, there are actually hundreds of people who've achieved this feat. For example, one man, Mac Bishop, wore the same merino wool button-down for 100 days. In addition to Bishop, more than 200 men and thirteen women have done the same. In addition, merino wool activewear fabric is easy to wash and dry.
Wool Activewear Fabric is a moisture-wicking material that is often used in athletic apparel. It draws sweat away from the body and dries quickly. It is breathable, allowing you to remain cool even in windy conditions. In addition, it's designed to work alongside the body's natural cooling system, helping your body stay cool while you exercise.
Wool Activewear Fabric is a trademark of Nike. It's a type of polyester fabric that is highly wicking and has a high evaporation rate. It usually doesn't have much stretch, but it's still an excellent choice for athletic clothing like leggings and sports bras. Other styles of Dri-Fit are available from active-wear companies, and they tend to vary in quality. One of the best ones is circular knit interlock, which is great for loose-fitting tanks and tops.
While renowned for its wool and merino fabrics, our company also produces more traditional athletic apparel, including t-shirts and shorts. A popular option for activewear is their women's wool parka, which is insulated with a combination of duck down and silk. Other pieces from the line include waterproof parkas and sports jackets, as well as accessories. In addition to wool, the company also uses technical fabrics, including Storm System, which makes natural fabrics soft and waterproof.
Product description:
Category : Wool Knit Fabric For Sports Wearing
Design : Pants, T-Shirt For Sports Wearing
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Width(Cm) :145 
Weight (G/M2) : 150
Composition :50%W 50%P
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